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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Neigh Care insured?

Absolutely! Neigh Care is insured and bonded by The Business Insurers of the Carolinas.  Certificate of Coverage is available upon request.  All pet sitters working with Neigh Care are also background checked.  I take pride in the sitters who I work with to care for your pets.  Their values align with those Neigh Care intends on delivering by providing dependable, nurturing and trustworthy care.


Do you only care for Horses?

Neigh Care is experienced and specialize in equine care however no pet is off limits. Scroll quickly on Neigh Care LLC’s Facebook Page and you’ll find our clients range from dogs, cats and other indoor pets to any number of barnyard animals.  The meet & greet will give us the opportunity to get to know all your pets and be sure all their needs are met while you are away. We are unable to care for animals used for commercial gain as they are not covered under our insurance policy.


My pet requires medication. Can you administer meds?

Yes. Neigh Care is educated and experienced in dispensing oral and topical medications.  We have multiple clients who require insulin shots and it’s not uncommon for us to soak abscesses, treat thrush or white line for horse’s hooves.  I have equine experience with intramuscular/ intravenous medications and equine inhalers.


How do I sign up for a service if I’m a new client?

Please contact Neigh Care via email or text. Once we confirm a sitter is available for the dates you’re interested in, we’ll schedule our initial meet & greet and send you a welcome email to complete your online client account.


How much advance notice do you require?

If you have an important event you know you need care for, reach out as soon as possible and we will put it in pencil.  2 months before the event, I will firm up your request once I know my sitter’s availability as the date is closer.  Typically we begin to fill up 2-3 weeks before the dates.  Holiday dates may be scheduled by existing clients 2 months before the holiday.  New clients looking for holiday care will be put on our wait list and contacted 6 weeks before the holiday if there is availability or a cancellation.  Requests less than one week before the dates needed will be charged a short notice accommodation fee. If you aren’t a current client, we will also need to squeeze in a meet & greet prior to any services.


Why is a meet & greet required prior to the first service?

The meet & greet provides an opportunity to get to know you and your pet(s) as well as learn their routine. It’s a great time for you to get to know us and ask questions. In addition, it gives us an opportunity to fully understand our instructions to ensure we have all the information needed to care for your pet while you are away. At the meet & greet please be prepared to provide access information such as keys or codes and fill out our service agreement and vet release form.  I’ll also give you a quick tutorial of the Time to Pet App to be sure you feel comfortable with it before your trip.


How do I schedule or cancel services?

With the Time to Pet (TTP) app, we are able to have back and forth communication that you, your sitter and I can see and reference.  This is the best way to request and chance services, but you can always text or email as well.  The app also allows you to make payments and update any pet details such as medications in the event they change.


What is your Cancellation policy?

Our time is valuable.  We understand that cancellations are never planned or expected.  They are often inconvenient and disappointing, however we have reserved these time frames for your pets and have turned away other clients in need of care.

Cancellations less than 72 hours before the start of services are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  Cancellations less than 24 hours before the start of services will be due in full with no refund for services.

Due to the high demand for holiday dates and the nature of overnights/ full-day care requests, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon confirming these types of care.  Cancellations less than 14 days before the service begins will be required to pay for the holiday services in full.

Emergency and unique situations can be discussed as they arise.  Refunds or credits are not given for early return from your trip.

For our complete payment and cancellation policy Click here.


What days are treated as holidays?

A list of the days & dates to be priced as holidays is emailed to all clients at the beginning of each year.   Holiday cancellation policies apply to any visits 3 days before and after a holiday.  Holiday pricing includes the holiday and the holiday weekend if it is on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  New Year’s Eve, New Years, Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday-Monday), Easter Weekend (Saturday-Sunday), Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend (Saturday-Monday), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.


How are keys handled?

The security of your home is important to us while you are away. At the Meet & Greet we will determine what works best for you and your property.  If Neigh Care is provided a physical key, it will be stored in a lockbox in our office unless in use to complete visits. Other clients prefer to keep a key available on the property in a secure location for us to retrieve on day 1 and to leave after the last visit.  Key codes can also be given and stored in our secure software that the sitter will be able to access before the visits.


How do I make a payment?

Invoices will be emailed to the client via the Time to Pet software about a week before your trip and can be paid by following the prompts. Services must be paid in full prior to the date of service unless otherwise agreed upon. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, ACH.  Tips for sitters can be left for them at the time of their visit or can be added to the invoice before submitting payment.