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Meet The Owner

Neigh Care Owner Allie

Allie Ruppert

Owner and Care Provider

Neigh Care, LLC is the support, dependability and experience that you have been looking for to trust your horses with.  

Everyone needs a vacation.  They also need a sitter they can depend on to fill in for them while they are away. Neigh Care has the time, experience, and the desire to help other horse and pet lovers get a break when they need it.  

Allie was an assistant barn manager to 40 horses at Twin Tree Farms in Pendleton, SC.  From retired 3-day eventing horses to schooling ponies, she has wrapped legs, administered antibiotics, administered daily IV eye medications and dressed puncture wounds.  She has a keen sense to notice when something is off and can identify an abscess and doctor the hoof as needed.

Anything can happen when you are away and she knows what to do if your horse is cast in their stall or there is a break in the fence.  She has certifications from USC Aiken in 8 areas including Equine Nutrition, Health & Disease, Hoof Health, and Equine Behavior.  Allie has been riding hunter jumper and dressage since she was a child and has schooled eventing as an adult.  She has reintroduced an injured horse into a lesson program and has worked boarder’s horses while they travel.  While you are away, you can be assured that your pets are as important to her as they are to you.  

A career isn’t work if you love what you do.  Allie Ruppert was a medical microbiologist for 10 years, but she discovered that happiness is having a career centered around your passions.  For her, that means being outside, helping others, and being around horses.  Taking care of your pets comes naturally to her.  

Meet The Team



Kayla has been a dependable feeder at a local equine barn for 6 years and has a keen eye for when something doesn’t seem quite right. She has 5 years of pet sitting experience and has a natural ability to read animal behavior. She has become a favorite sitter for many clients and is often requested because of the great photos she takes and detailed visit reports that leave owners at ease to enjoy their trips.



Having ridden and cared for horses for years, Elizabeth is comfortable with supplements, meds, and general equine wellness. She comes into this knowing how to spot and handle emergency situations and is a veteran to farm chores.
Her calm demeanor and relaxed composure helps even the most anxious pets become comfortable with her quickly.



Customer Support

A fluffy 12-yr-old mutt. No guarantee customer support will ANSWER your concerns, but she will listen to them as long as you rub her belly the whole time.



Quality Control specialist

14-year-old Siamese who knows quality when he sees it. He makes sure everything is purfect. If the quality of your pet’s care is not up to paw, he will be sure to let me know.



Head of Security

Allie’s 4-year-old bodyguard who hates being more than 5 feet away from her. He specializes in protecting the office and our flock of chickens from squirrels and loud winds.